Saturday, June 21, 2003

Open mouth and insert:

(a) foot
(b) cheap wine
(c) good wine
(d) all of the above

A couple months ago I went on a ski weekend with some friends, and we each brought a different contribution to our Saturday night feast. One friend brought a few bottles of wine. At looking at one of them, I made the extremely thoughtless comment "oh, this is a great cheap wine," unintentionally hurting my friend's feelings. I'm always looking for a good deal on wine, and with the selection in stores these days, won't even look at a bottle unless it's less than $10. One of the bottles that he brought was one that I frequently buy.

I still haven't completely gotten over this comment, but I felt a little more justified in my assertions that there is nothing wrong, and a lot right, in buying wines for less than $10, after hearing yesterday's NPR segment on the current wine glut. Apparently the overabundance of wine grapes means an overabundance of wines, and wine makers are creating labels to see their good wines at great prices. Two of the labels that they tasted were ones that I frequently buy (Camelot, initially interested by it's pretty label, and Pepperwood Grove, source of my offensive comment). After all, if a bottle of wine costs less than $10, it's a good deal, and if it's under $5, even if it's not that good, you can't go wrong. Hmm... is 8 am too early for a glass of vino?

UPDATE: Had the Cotes du Rhone with dinner last night; very nice. It sold for almost $11 at the local grocery, however, and it wasn't worth breaking my under $10 rule. I'm looking forward to trying the Pepperwood Grove (found for $6 and change).


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