Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Budget Beauty

I don't have a personal budget, nor do I really track my expenses. Tracking my expenses is one of my New Years Resolutions, in fact, but one that I have done nothing about. Anyway, I was talking to a friend from work yesterday and this subject came up, and he was appalled that I didn't have a budget. He didn't understand how I could ever know how much money I could spend on things (he later admitted that when he first got a credit card, it was always maxed out. We work for a credit card / financial services company, by the way.) I guess I just spend what I think is the right amount, and make internal assessments about how much the product / service is worth to me (like a good latte is indeed worth $2), and make sure that I always make more money than I spend and invest. I'm not a big spender, and this system seems to work. I would, however, like to have a budget so that I can really know how much to spend, and not just wonder about whether I can afford to go on a certain vacation or get highlights in my hair.

Princess Melissa recented commented about a TV show (not hers) and wondered at how a woman could spend $ 5000 on breast implants, but not fix her teeth. Obviously Melissa sees the teeth as the higher priority expenditure, while the TV woman placed a large value on breast size. This made me wonder what my beauty priorities were, so I've started a list:

Worthwhile expenditures:
Dentistry and orthadonture
Health club membership (although I don't have one because I'd never use it; I exercise outdoors as much as possible)
Clothes that fit well
A decent haircut

If I had the money to spare, why not?
Lots of cashmere
A personal fitness trainer

Why waste the bucks
Implants or liposuction
Nose jobs (it's not perfect, but it's mine)

I'll have to keep adding to it as I think of stuff (or find more cashes of money lying around).


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