Sunday, May 08, 2005

Trail Note

I ran 12 miles yesterday, bringing the weekly total to 30, and when I add in my "bike equivalent miles" I hit my goal of 33 for the week.

Friday, we hit the REI anniversary sale, and I bought lots 'o running stuff including what I'm calling the "granny pack." I'm getting to the point where my long runs are long enough to require water and snacks, and it's always a good idea to carry phone, ID, etc. too big to fit into that tiny little key pocket. When I started running with it on, I felt like ol' lady runner: a little weighed down but ready for anything.

I'm feeling quite comfortable still with the mileage that I'm doing. It's a little eerie, actually; I keep waiting for injury or burnout to hit. I'm still running my long runs faster than the book tells me, which either means that I'm running way too fast and I'm not getting in quality mid-week workouts, or I'm setting myself up for a faster marathon time. Next step is to run a 10K and/or half marathon to see what my time is there, so I can better judge my fitness (VO2 max / lactate threshold).


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