Monday, May 02, 2005

Life on the Dole

As anyone who has ever been out of work might guess, it's much more fun when you're accompanied by a friend. The first few weeks after my layoff were pretty slow: a little boring and lonely; much cake was eaten, guilt ensued. But then I started classes, we went to Japan, and since our return, Jeff has been around the house, making it much more fun. The reading for my 2 public affairs classes is quite time consuming, I'm actually starting on the organizing tasks that I put off for the first month-after-job, and every now and then I help Jeff with house projects, so I'm pretty well occupied. Just having him around the house makes me more productive (read: less likely to turn on the television and watch Gilmore Girls or ER reruns). And then we have fun field trips, like the mid-week trip to see tulips two weeks ago, or Friday's trip to the dump followed by brunch and a matinee. A girl could get used to this.

(Note for concerned family members who might be reading: both of us are making progress in our respective searches for salaried positions).


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