Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We Did It (for the kids, you know)!

So to set the record straight, I only did 2 days of the Courage Classic last weekend. A friend of mine was married on Saturday, so while Jeff was climbing Snoqualmie Pass, I was navigating the Seattle bus system, trying to successfully get from home to the wedding to the other side of the mountains, all sans car. It was a pretty (hot and humid) wedding, and I got where I needed to go, with only a slight hiccup as I got off the bus a few blocks away from where I needed to be in a neighborhood in which I would have rather not been wandering alone in uncomfortable shoes and pearls.

Anyway, the ride was a lot of fun. Day 2 was a little easier that last year since it was day 1 for me. As I passed people climbing the summit of Blewit pass, I felt like I needed to appologize for that fact: "on your left; fresh legs passing." My least favorite part is the downhill, but with Jeff at my back to look out for cars and other passing riders (I was doing the passing going up; most of those people probably passed me going down) it was not too scary. Day 3 was almost as tough as I remembered, but we had less of a headwind this year as we climbed 3000 ft over 43 miles.

We had a team of over 20 people this year, and it was so much fun cheering each other up the hills and sharing stories over beers at the end of the day. We also had team jerseys this year, so we felt like US Postal as we rode together. Hopefully, we'll all be back next year!


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