Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Trail Note: watch your valuables!

About once a week this summer I've been bringing my bike work, biking home (I'm guessing the mileage to be somewhere in the low 30's), and then biking in the next morning. I did this yesterday/today along with someone else in my office training for the Courage Classic (M). We rode about halfway home together until our paths split and I headed north and a little west and he headed NE towards his house. We tried a new (to us) route of getting from the office downhill to the trail we both take, which is a little steeper but much prettier with less car traffic than the original way.

This morning after the ride I saw M and asked how he faired riding back up the hill (steep hill at the end of a almost 70 mile round trip; I was hurting!). He never did ride up the hill, either the old or the new route. Rather, he had stopped at one of the port-o-lets on the trail about 3 miles from work, and while inside his bike disappeared. He called the police on his cell phone (good thing it wasn't in the bike's saddle bag), they arrived quickly, and one took off in the direction of the suspected thief while the other took M's information and then offered him a ride to the office. Not long after they got in the car they heard that the bike had been found!

I've used that same port-o-let before, and have always worried about my bike, but figured that there was little chance that a thief would wander by in the 30 seconds that I was inside.

Between this and Jeff's story about his wallet today, I'm going to keep good track of my stuff. Be careful if you're on the road today!


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